Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Anabelle is 4!!

I know that this post (and photos) are a little late, but we had been here less than a week when she turned 4 and I am just now getting around to taking some more photos for her!

It was picture day at her new school, when we got in the car she asked me if I could take photos of her today too! I obliged! :)


I have been fascinated by Belles growth lately, physically, emotionally, socially, artistically..etc. She has really come out of her shell the past few months. She seems to be very comfortable in her skin and enjoys making new friends and just generally being more independent.


What I want to remember about her at this age: Her beautiful smile, contagious laugh, tiny features, hair, her ability love so deeply, her silly jokes, how much she enjoys flowers, the love she has for bugs and animals, her adoration for her sis, the way she looks up to her daddy (he can do no wrong), dancing, and the joy she gets from learning and growing.



(looking for rollie-pollies under a rock)

We love you Anabelle!!

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