Saturday, April 26, 2014

Belle turns 4 at Disneyland!

Last year we went to Disneyland and since that time, Belle asked if she could go for her birthday! So.... before our big move, Mema, Papa, Emily, and I took her. She has so much fun there!!

Anabelle woke up, got ready, ate food, and was ready for the adventure!

Emily pooped through 2 princess dresses and some p.j.'s. She also pretty much slept the whole time! We only have a few pics of her yawning...

It was a very hot day but, that didnt stop Anabelle from visiting all the characters and rides.

We went to Ariel's Grotto for dinner and she adored all the princesses.

We ended the night with a couple of late rides with completely empty lines and a tired Anabelle falling asleep on the tram! Overall, it was a very successful birthday trip to Disneyland!

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