Saturday, August 11, 2012


So, the past few years Xena has been battling with skin cancer and arthritis. She gets blisters and sores on her skin and when there is a really large one, we have to remove it. At the last removal, the vet told us that she likely didn't have longer than 6 months to live. She obviously has outlived the amount of time that they suggested she would. So, when she got sick and stopped eating last week, we just assumed that it was ready for her. She could hardly get up, walk, and was not eating. 

During this time, I took her to the park and let her just have a great time. She smelled around everywhere, took a long break and then would get up and smell some more. It made me happy to take her out and let her do something that she loves.

On Thursday, I can home and it was discovered that Xena ate a giant stuffed toy that must have just had her feeling awful and zapped her energy. So, while Xena is feeling much better, we still are aware that it is just a matter of time and we are making sure to cherish every moment with her!!


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