Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Night

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I edited and uploaded these photos into a post and sat here wondering what I was going to write about. I walked away for a bit and some very cool things happened. So, while it has nothing to do with these photos, I will write about it anyways.

Anabelle has a love for Fire Trucks and Police Men. She loves when we see either of those while we are out and listens very carefully for them while we are at home. So tonight, she got a special visit at home from a Policeman. She was so exited when she saw them in our driveway! She doesnt really like strangers and will not go to anyone right after meeting them, but she went to the policeman! It was adorable!!

While we were looking at the car and talking to the policemen, we saw a coyote walking down our street. Greg asked who's dog that was, and I replied that I thought it was a coyote. And sure enough it was, it was tall and very skinny.

With those 2 things it turned into an eventful Sunday night. :)

So, the pictures are from today. I had a shoot yesterday and brought these cupcakes for the baby, but he played/ate strawberries instead so I had to put these to good use. When I set everything up Anabelle actually asked for pictures. You would never guess though by looking at these, she hardly looked at me and even cried at one point. :0

We had a great day and pics will follow from our special family picnic.  

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Isn't this girl adorable?!?!

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