Monday, February 20, 2012

Parenting stuff

Yesterday while we were gardening together, Greg asked me if I think about the childhood that we are giving Anabelle and how we are affecting her by the things that we do. I quickly I told him that I think about it all the time and make efforts to do things just for her to experience new things. I gave him the following example...

On Friday,  I picked Anabelle up from school, we came home, changed clothes, cleaned up a bit, got our grocery bags and headed to the store. We decided to take a stop for a little hike in the mountains. We didn't get far because she was really clingy, but we went and we explored.

IMG_6642 B

We saw horses,

IMG_6634 B

 dogs, pine cones,

IMG_6646 B

 and made our way through tall grass.

IMG_6628 B

Anabelle was talking about the horses and saying, "nah" till the next morning. She also brought that lovely pine cone home to Daddy. She always gets him something when we go on adventures without him and it is so sweet! He has a nice collection of rocks. ;)

We ended the night with our grocery trip.

IMG_6661 B

How we are raising our child is a constant thought in my brain. I want her to enjoy her world and feel like we have given her a wonderful childhood with great experiences!

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