Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Late night love

I am up editing late because I have WAY too many things to do and I decided to edit a few pics that I took for my 365 today. I snuck away in the driveway for a few minutes just to unwind.

I love them all and would not wait to share.

Some sidewalk chalk got left out in the rain and I didnt want it to go to waste- so I went to town! ;)

IMG_7196 B

It was a boot kind of day...

IMG_7197 B

And this one joined me for a moment outside because I heard a little 2 year old calling for more milk inside.

IMG_7200 B

I need more alone time. I don't get it quite enough and I cherish the few minutes that I do get.

1 comment:

Kristina said...

Holly! i just love your blog. you have such a great outlook on life. you're such a great mom. i hope to become more like you!

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