Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Anabelle- 23 Months

Just 15 more days and we will officially have a 2 year old. It is kinda surreal! It is one of the most amazing things in the world watching her grow up and express herself and become who she is..

IMG_3956 B
I have posted this pic before, but it is one of my faves.

IMG_3953 B

Some new fun things are:

  • She is using the word "new". This is used when I give her something that she doesn't like and wants something else or "new". 
  • She can describe what she wants to eat.
  • Talks about play-doh and specific toys.
  • She asks me to read to her. She is obsessed with her butterfly (or "Poop-Pie" as she calls them) books and requests to sleep with them every night after being read to 3 times each.
  • She has learned how to do the splits and really enjoys it.
  • She understands when I make a call in the car and she thinks the only people that I talk to are, Daddy, Nana, and Auntie and insists on saying hi to one of those three while I am talking. Lately she has been saying hi to Auntie while I am talking and frequently mentions Mari. It is really adorable, but a little distracting. 
  • She has a family photo hanging in her room and she asks me to "read" it to her, this means asking her who everyone is. She LOVES this. Some new names that she could not say before are Grandma Lori who she calls "Lauren" and Grant who she calls "Dant".
  • She has been fully off the bottle for a few months. I took her to target and let her pick out a new milk cup. She picked a Dora cup and that is now what she uses. There was a little push back from her, but she got over it quickly.
  • She likes telling me that things are too tight, her shoes, necklace, carseat, pants, shirts, hair thing, almost anything, which I promise are not too tight.
  • She is potty trained and doing so well! 
  • She loves my phone and knows how to put on her video.... sneaky girl.
IMG_3903 B
See this face? Sneaky!

  • She is so strong and likes to climb on things, hang on things, jump on things...etc
IMG_4006 B

  • She likes to be "stuck" which is just cuddling. We love to cuddle with her!
IMG_3933 B

I love this little monkey and I am looking forward to her bday party! =D 

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