Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Photography Subjects

I think that tonight I may attempt to do an actual photo shoot for Belle's Birthday party invitations. You may have wondered why I have not posted too many pictures lately. And that is because my kid has a very severe case of "photographers child". I know, it is dangerous. When I pull out the camera, this is all I get.

IMG_3844 B

She is more concerned with eating ice or whatever she may be doing at the moment.

IMG_3845 B

In the case below it is sunbathing with Lily.

IMG_3809 B

I am left to fend for myself and find things to photograph, these lovely flowers that my wonderful husband got for me after a long night in the emergency room have been my subject a few times.

IMG_3852 B

And an unsuspecting orange tree in our backyard...

IMG_3821 B

Wish me luck with Belle tonight!! Our girl has a mind of her own and she wants what she wants. :)

IMG_3824 B

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