Saturday, January 21, 2012

A new happening

Well there are a few, but the most odd to me is Anabelle's new found love for sweets. It literally just happened one day, out of the blue. On her first birthday we could not convince her to eat a cupcake, play with it, sure.

IMG_3861 B

Now, she will willingly eat a cupcake, fudge, M &M's, you name it she will eat it. This morning she woke up me up asking for my hand. I fought it for a while, but eventually got up and she walked me to the spot where we had Halloween candy months ago and asked me for "cayee". How does she even remember that it was there?

At one of Greg's birthday parties, Grandma and Papa got her a special Elmo cupcake. Thank goodness it had been in the fridge or else she would have had frosting EVERYWHERE!

IMG_4548 B

IMG_4539 B

IMG_4546 B

IMG_4551 B

I guess these are just the joys of your children growing up and becoming who they are. Its fun to watch her share her likes and dislikes with us, but it is rough when we don't give her what she wants!! Oh, parenting!

1 comment:

Kim said...

I love these, especially the first one. I love the frosting squishing out of her fingers:)>

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