Friday, January 20, 2012


We (Greg) are a big fan of the San Francisco 49ers and this past weekend was very exciting. Not only were we celebrating Greg's 30th birthday, but the playoffs were this weekend and our team was playing. It was an awesome game and could not be more happy with the outcome. We are so excited for the game this weekend. I am guessing that there will be much more of this...

IMG_4485 B

IMG_4482 B

Belle pretends to like football, but she get bored VERY easily!

IMG_4477 B

She is in love with Lily right now and can not do anything without yelling, "Come on Lily, Come on!" ;) Melts my heart every.darn.time!

Blogger 1

Daddy was so into the game that he didn't notice Anabelle playing with his phone. Luckily, she gave it back! If it were my phone she would be watching Elmo on YouTube or looking up "wycdnfkjfejf" on Wikipedia.

We look forward to the game this weekend and much more weekend times with the family!

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