Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Family Time

The Batista's came and visited for Thanksgiving and we had some down time to hang and enjoy our time together. The day after thanksgiving we went to Descanso Gardens and we had a blast. These two were obviously the best part!

IMG_1814 b

IMG_1833 B

IMG_1798 b

Anabelle was introduced to peeing in the woods, thanks to Daddy! He even shook her because she couldn't wipe. She got a little pee on her so we experienced the rare pee-pee pants walk. Apparently it is not fun to have pee on your clothes while walking through a park.

Blogger 1

There were fish...

IMG_1723 B

Giant creepy spiders...

IMG_1738 B

Fun times between Daddy's and their little girls...

IMG_1767 B

Blogger 2

Beautiful scenery....

IMG_1790 b

IMG_1760 B

IMG_1757 B

IMG_1725 B
(and a silly Uncle Bobby)

The coolest mushrooms I have ever seen....

IMG_1743 B

IMG_1749 B

IMG_1751 B

Sleepy girls...

IMG_1730 B

IMG_1784 B

IMG_1728 B
(she gets way too hyper when she is sleepy)

More thanksgiving pics to come, but I will end this outing with some feet pics of belle and I looking at the fish in the water! 

IMG_1789 b

p.s. We are home and I am very happy to be getting back to the grind and catching up on some pics. =D Love it so much!

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Dada said...

One of my favorite posts. It made me laugh and smile a lot.

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