Friday, December 30, 2011

Bringing in the new year

Ever since I was a child I have really enjoyed photos, I remember looking at lacey photo albums of my mother when she was a teenager and really embracing the beauty and sentimental value of the photos.

IMG_3789 F

I had the same feeling while looking back on my external hard drive from the photos of 2011. Not only was I reminiscing of all the fun times that we have had this year but I was reminded how far I have come in my photography abilities. My photography is such a huge part of my life and it means so much to me. Not only for the business aspect but for capturing my daughter and documenting her life for her to enjoy later makes it that much more special! It literally makes me tear up thinking of Anabelle's children looking at her photos and enjoying them the same way that I did as a child! Who knows, maybe that will spark a joy for photography the same way that it did for me.

IMG_3219 B

IMG_2292 Bbw
I am looking forward to 2012. I hope that I can continue to enjoy my life, my husband, my child, my niece and nephew, my amazing sisters, and family, and photography! I want to slow down, remember to smell the flowers this next year and not get to caught up in the daily grind.

IMG_3754 CF

This year, I also hope to take more vacations!


I am so excited for the New Year and hope everyone has a great year as well!

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