Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am so tired today and I just want to lay down and take a long nap. But I really want to get the halloween pics up before I forget or let it pass... like the wedding pics. :(

Where to start?

Belle was a lamb and the cutiest one that I have ever seen.

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IMG_0431 B

On Sunday we went to a party with her friends and she would not leave my side. Except for a minute when I put her on the table to watch the weird water toys grow.

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Picture on the right is proof she wouldn't leave me.

IMG_0435 B

Almost right after I took this picture Anabelle had a MAJOR freak out. Over nothing. And we had to go home. The freak out did not stop for a few hours but atleast we were home and not torturing the guests of the party with crying.

The next day, Halloween day was much better. After work, in order to convince Belle to get in her costume I bribed her with a sucker... She loved it!

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The it was Trick or Treating time!!

IMG_0473 B

IMG_0487 B

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IMG_0483 B


We had a great time and Belle had such a great time. She said, "trick or treat", "Thank you", and "bye-bye" at most of the houses. :)

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The McKennas said...

These are seriously so cute!! I love the lamb costume!!

Christyn Mckenna

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