Friday, October 28, 2011

A Random Friday Post

First things first..... We got a new car! It is perfect and I could not ask for anything better. It warms my butt, listens to what I tell it to do, plays wonderful Elmo music... Perfection.

IMG_0022 B

I also have added a new camera to my life.... it is almost as good as the car... almost! 5D Mark II, I hope you love me as much as I love you. :)

IMG_0069 B

For my photographer friends... this pic as taken at 6400 ISO, and it is grainy but nowhere the amount of grain I would get from my T2i at ISO 400.

Belle and I went outside to play with the camera and her and one of the little girls from across the street were waving to each other and yelling, "HI" back and forth. So, we went over to play with them for a few minutes. Belle likes to find "treasures" in their sandbox and the girls are happy to help her.

Blogger 1

After they collect them all, she puts them in a pile and then moves them to another location like a squirrel hiding his nuts from other squirrels.. it is pretty darn adorable.

IMG_0053 F

Here are some random shots I took just trying to practice.

IMG_0005 B

IMG_0055 B

IMG_0026 B

IMG_0035 B

And it is starting to look like fall... We have 2 carving pumpkins and one for making pumpkin pie. I may be more excited for the pumpkin pie but don't tell Anabelle. ;)

IMG_0045 B

Happy freaking Friday!


Tera said...

I am so excited for you! I am happy to see that you get to go to shoots with top notch equipment including that divalicious car! :) I call shotgun!

Holly Hough said...

Thanks Tera! So you want to warm your butt too? ;)

Lauren Skousen said...

Lucky car and camera! I LOVE my 5D Mark II! It does amazing in low light! By the way, Belle is adorable...she is getting so big!

Shabby Chic Mom said...

congrats on the new car! stopping by from Sassy Mama in LA blog!

Sarah Auerswald said...

Gorgeous photos! Love the dog!

Audacious Idealism said...

Beautiful shots!

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