Monday, October 3, 2011

My Pal

This past week Belle and I have had some great alone time while Greg was gone. We missed him like CRAZY but, we had a lot of fun together and I am enjoying her company so much more these days. She is really starting to become a person and she is an amazingly fun person to hang out with. She interacts, acts silly, makes me smile, and smiles and laughs when I act silly. 

IMG_5059 B2

I know that I am her mom and not her friend and I am the mom but she is also my friend. I do not always need to make her happy or have her approval on what we do or what I tell her to do and we argue sometimes but, who doesn't? :) I think that is the beauty of our relationship, we can be with each other and enjoy ourselves with out me or her holding grudges when the other does something "wrong".

I look forward to spending time with Greg this week and getting back to life with him at home and having someone else in the house that doesn't go to sleep at 7:30pm.

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