Tuesday, October 4, 2011

L.A. County Fair

This weekend Belle and I were invited to the fair and there was not even a question as to if we would go.

This little munchkin had a great time and was such a trooper.

IMG_5118 B

IMG_5121 B

IMG_5130 B

Her and her friend Desmond had a great time watching and petting the animals.

5114 B 

IMG_5131 B

They played in the kiddo maze and by play we mean they threw hay all over the place.

IMG_5145 B

Belle had her first fair food, all she wanted was water and baked beans. But for the rest of the night we smelled like smoked beef brisket and bbq'd corn on the cob.


IMG_5163 B

What is a trip to the fair without a baby sitting on a table? 

IMG_5156 B

After we ate it was time to take in the fair. I have not been in years so it was fun to experience this all over again with Belle.

IMG_5167 B

IMG_5166 B 

IMG_5195 B

Belle waited in line to ride the carousel. She was so patient and so excited to ride it! We found a horse that she liked and she sat and rode the horse.

IMG_5178 B

IMG_5186 B

She was not happy when the ride was done but she got over it quickly once we got her some milk from a coffee stand. We had a great time at the fair!

IMG_5197 B


Heather said...

i love the picture of the baby on the table - so cute!

Tera said...

:) That was a fun day.

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