Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anabelle- 20 Months

Doesn't this girl look like a kid and no longer a baby?!?

IMG_6664 BW B

Anabelle has added a lot of words in her vocabulary the past few months. Her favorite words include, more, eggy, milk, hi, bye bye, Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, Auntie, Elmo, yay, ouchie, pee-pee, poo-poo, juice, rice (the cutest word she says), Lily, Xena, Mari, Grant, ahh so many words to remember.

Some of her favorite sayings are- "Beep, beep, yeah!" (from elmo song), "More Elmo", "Mo-Me" (means more milk), "I pee-pee!", "I love you.", "Sit-down", and many more. She is using her words so much to tell us what she needs and it makes life a little easier.

IMG_6658 BW B

IMG_6632 BW B

The many faces of Anabelle.
Blogger 1

IMG_6680 B
I have to take pics to remember these adorable feet.

IMG_6702 B
And hands!
IMG_6704 B

IMG_6712 B

IMG_6736 B

I love watching my girl grow up and become herself. She is so fun to be around (most days) and I love who she is. She is loving, sweet, funny, hyper, smart (very smart), agile, and absolutely gorgeous.

IMG_6735 B

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Kristina said...

She's getting SO big. She does look a little girl. I just think Sarah will be 20 months very soon. Time flies. Love your pictures. So beautiful.

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