Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seed Bombs- Wedding Part 1

When we got engaged and started thinking about a wedding, I knew that I wanted to be as "green" as possible. I wanted living table arrangements and favors that were outside of the norm and that were also green in some way. I tossed around a few ideas and settled on seed bombs. There are many articles about Guerilla Gardeners throwing them all over LA and creating beautiful "gardens" on empty lots or where ever they felt. I loved the idea that our wedding could keep giving and that flowers could grow in our name.

About a week before the wedding Anabelle and I went on a mission to find all the supplies needed to make the seed bombs. She was such a trooper that day, she stayed up till 9pm and was a joy the entire time, including stops at 4 different stores.

We got home, put Belle to sleep and Tera came over and helped me make the bombs.

Blogger 1

We mixed dirt, clay and water till we came up with a good consistency.

IMG_4418 B

Once we got it to where we wanted, we added the flower seeds. The base of our seeds were Orange California Poppies and then mixed throughout were Mega Large Sunflowers, Blood Red sunflowers, and sweet peas.

We then rolled them in a sheet to cut out the heart shapes.

IMG_4424 B

Blogger 2

Cutting out the heart shapes was not working for us as well as planned and we scraped the idea and just rolled balls. After many tasteless jokes we were  done and ready for them to dry. We let them dry for about 24 hours and then they were ready to be packed in the home-made labels.

IMG_4434 B

Heather and I put all the bombs in their bags and stapled the labels on them and they were done! I am so happy with the way they turned out!

IMG_4589 B


Tera said...

I love your balls too! ;) Note to self..wear make up next time I am around Holly and her camera. They were awesome and I cannot wait to plant mine.

heidirose said...

I want!

Holly Hough said...

Tera- I knew you would be upset with me! oops! ;)

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