Monday, September 12, 2011

Final pre-wedding post

This will likely be my last post before I am married. It is amazing to think of all the fun that we will have on our special day! I have been scolded for not updating in a while so here is a random assortment of some stuff.

1. This vvvvvv IMG_4395 B
2. The moon last night was beautiful. I took a break from the wedding planning and snapped a few shots. IMG_4414
3."I'm a model you know what I mean".... Blogger 1 She was obsessed with the blue dress this weekend. She carried it around with her and insisted on putting it on and taking if off herself. Notice that it is inside out, backwards, unbuttoned, and only one arm in. I also made her walk up and down the hallway a few times and she listened... We are in trouble with this one. "And I do my little turn on the catwalk Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah"

4. Xena has not been doing that great the past week but, she seems to be feeling a little better after some antibiotics. IMG_4401 B
5. This girl is growing up. She is talking up a storm and understands so much. Her favorite words are: bus, ball, towel, Xena, Lily, Dada( maybe #1), out (repeated from when I tell the dogs to get out of the kitchen), diaper, I love you, hi, bye, truck, ice, rice, papa, milk and she will pretty much repeat anything you ask her to. It is adorable! Blogger 2
6. She is still obsessed with water... except now, she hates the bath! Silly kid! IMG_4350 B Wish us luck on our big day!


Tera said...

Good luck! Everything will be awesome! I love Belle's modeling.

Adrienne's grandma Gail said...

Wishing you all a beautiful day full of love, laughter and great memories!

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