Monday, August 29, 2011

The weekend

I could not be more happy that Anabelle is feeling 100% better. Is it so nice to pick her up from school and have her laugh, talk, and just have a good time with us. She came home on Friday all smiles and we were soaking up the cuteness.

IMG_3951 B

How could you not?

All of the butterflies have hatched from their cocoons. They are beautiful and Belle really enjoys watching them fly around in their cage. We decided to let a few of the butterflies go and just keep 2 until Grandma can see them. Then we will let her take them to school to let the other two go with her friends. The ones we let go flew right to the good stuff.

IMG_3935 B

Anabelle forgot about them quickly and continued to do her thing outside. Her favorite thing to do (when we are not looking) is to pick the berries off the flowers and smash them in her fingers.

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Saturday morning we went on a great hike in Chantry flats to hike to a waterfall. It was beautiful, extremely hot, and tiring but well worth it.

This was in the car and the way.... I have been trying to get a pic of her in her new glasses forever.

IMG_3963 B

Anabelle walked for a few minutes...

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Then Greg held her while I walked the dogs.

We saw some beautiful butterflies. Anabelle was very excited when she saw them because we have been talking about butterflies a lot lately.

IMG_3978 B

We finally made it to the waterfall and everyone was pooped.

IMG_3981 B

IMG_3982 B

Belle was ready to play.

IMG_3984 B

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IMG_4021 B

IMG_4003 B

Belle got a little wet and we had to take her diaper off and carry her with just shorts on. Luckily she was able to hold it the whole way up the mountain. We had a wonderful time and it was nice to all be together as a family.

IMG_3985 B

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