Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unwanted visits....

Remember that worried mother that I mentioned a few posts back? Well, she is here and driving me crazy. Anabelle was sent home from school yesterday with a high fever. I took her home and she was so tired and clearly not feeling well.

IMG_3513 B
See why that worried mama came around?

After Greg and I took turns letting her nap on our chests she woke up, drank some milk and was feeling a little better. I gave her a cool bath, gave her some meds and that got the fever to come down.

She started her bath a little sad and sleepy but she slowly got better.

IMG_3527 B

Blogger 1 BW2

Today we went to the doctor and she is ok and just has a cold. The fever is still lingering and she slept most of the day. To make it all worse, that pesky worried mama in me was having a rough day. I enjoy and miss my little girl napping on my chest but I want my happy girl back! I hope she gets better soon.

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Tera said...

Glad Belle is on the mend...poor little love.

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