Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Organic Bloom and Most Valuable Blogger

I am very happy to announce some exciting opportunities that I have in the works.

First, I was nominated and excepted as a finalist for the CBS Local Most Valuable Blogger Contest. Please take a minute to check it out and vote for me. You can vote once a day until September 9th. Here is the link or you can click on the image to the right.

Thanks for the support!

Second, I have teamed up with The Organic Bloom , a wonderful frame company. I have officially become one of their local vendors and anyone can now purchase their frames directly from me. I have put together a few examples of that they look like with my favorite little people.

The name to the left is the name of the frame.... all frames can come in 54 different colors, many different sizes, and custom colors are available.




Wouldn't these look cute hanging on your wall or sitting on your desk at work?

I have a few more opportunities in the works that I am not ready to announce yet but keep a look out!

And just because I can, a cute pic of Lily Bird or "Yi-Yi" as Anabelle calls her!

BLogger 9

Anabelle Update: She is feeling much better and is back at school! YAY! I am a happy mama!

1 comment:

Tera said...

You are such a go getter! I admire you. PS I really want some frames...I will be messaging you. :)

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