Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Bridal Shower

Susan's wonderful friends threw me a shower on Sunday and it was an amazing day with amazing people.

My baby girl was there with me and was perfect. She played and was brave and played with strangers (to her, not to me). I snuck her away a few times to play with me...

IMG_3455 B

A few if my amazing friends joined me for support.

IMG_3476 B

IMG_3459 B

IMG_3445 B
My beautiful sis and my cutie nephew.

IMG_3469 B
My dear friend and bridesmaid, Darby!

IMG_3482 B
Greg's Cousins and Grandma.

IMG_3479 B
My little munchkin man. I <3 him so much! Blogger 6

IMG_3465 B
The ladies sang "Happy Wedding" to me! The cake was not only beautiful but delicious!

I was showered with amazing gifts and had some fun with some of them ! :)
IMG_3490 B

Darby was the photographer during the gifts and she did a great job. She was trying to get my expression in this pic but the focus fell on Heidi and Grant. I am in love with this pic because they are both really interested in our new bowl... So cute!

IMG_3484 B

And to end the day, these are my potential wedding day shoes but, I needed to try them out before I wear them all day at the wedding. They were brutal on my feet but that does not mean that they are out. Maybe I just need to break them in a little and wear them around the house while vacuuming. ;)
IMG_3454 B

Thanks again to everyone who made it! It was a great day!

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Greg said...

I gotta see this image of you vacuuming in the shoes...I seriously lol'd

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