Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mari- 2 months old

I have been trying to get these photos up for a few days now but, we have been busy with the house and recovery from the Bach parties this past weekend. Even now, I have a sick baby sleeping on my lap and I could easily not post these pics but I am determined. :)

We spent the weekend with my sisters and I was so happy to be with them and my niece and nephew. We had big hopes of getting a photo of all three babies but it was just not going to happen with all the different nap schedules.

This was my first real photo shoot with Mari and she was such an angel. I think we got some amazing photos.

IMG_3152 B

IMG_3158 B

IMG_3148 B

Blogger 1

Due to scheduling conflicts we were not able to get newborn photos of Mari so, we were happy she let us take some newborn-ish photos.

IMG_3123 B

Blogger 2

She has great head control and is also so smiley!

IMG_3208 B

IMG_3209 B

IMG_3200 B

She loves her mama.....

IMG_3170 B

IMG_3263 B

IMG_3247 2 B

IMG_3254 B

Grant and Mari were so sweet together. Grant wanted to grab her head and Mari seemed uninterested.

IMG_3268 B

I was so happy to be with all the babies and it is always a pleasure to photograph them and their adorable personalities.

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Mama~L said...

I love them!! Mari is so dang cute. Give Heather hugs from the us!

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