Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Belle has been learning so much and I think that she has been benefiting a great deal from going to school and spending more time with her peers. After school on Friday Adrienne came over and the girls had so much fun playing, eating, swimming and just being toddlers.

We hung out inside for a little while.

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Went and played in the backyard. This included swimming in the pool, watering the plants and playing in the hose.

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IMG_2886 B
Baby butts are so adorable!

The girls really enjoyed themselves and after Adrienne left, the rest of the weekend Belle starting talking so much more. It was like someone flipped on a talking switch. And the words keep coming... last night she said "thank you" when I gave her milk, said yes when Greg and I asked her a question, and this morning we were getting ready for school and she said "lunch box". She repeats lots of words too but, I like it better when she thinks about when to use the words herself.

Sending her to school was a great decision and I am so happy for the progress that she is making. She is just a kid these days.

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