Monday, August 1, 2011


With the wedding comes lots of opportunity to hang out with the people that I love. We have lots of fun times planned. This weekend I will get to hang with my sisters and neice and nephew and I could not be more excited.

This past weekend, Heidi and Grant came over and we took some pics. I can not wait for all three cousins to have pictures together!

Can you believe that Grant is 6 months old? We took his six month old pics of Grant and a few with Anabelle just for fun!

IMG_2994 B

IMG_2984 B

IMG_3034 B

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He crawls on all 4's and instead of going back to sitting on his butt, he squats. He looks like a frog frequently!

IMG_2935 B
He is also very happy...

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There were many stare-off's with these 2... You can tell who is the boss!

IMG_3030 F

IMG_3096 B

IMG_3038 B

Of course here are some of the cutest redhead I know...

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