Monday, August 15, 2011

Continue this busy journey....

This weekend was no different than the last week has been.... busy, fun and extremely tiring. Friday was date night for Greg and I and we were really looking forward to some alone time.

I picked Anabelle up from school and she had paint everywhere. It was in her toes, on her hands, arms, cheeks and a ton in her hair. It was so bad that I thought it was a cut that bled and crusted in her hair. That is the worried mommy in me that comes out sometimes and messes with my "chill mom" mentality.

There were 4 things that I HAD to get done on Friday between the time I got home and the time that I went to sleep.

1. Finish the necklaces for the hosts of my Bridal Shower.

IMG_3382 B

I was able to do this while giving Anabelle a bath... This leads to #2 bathe my painted monster.

IMG_3365 B

Blogger 3

Blogger 5

IMG_3385 B

IMG_3390 B

Can you tell she has fun in the bath? Lucky for me, I had time to work on the necklace because she can keep herself entertained in the bath. Disclaimer: I was sitting on the floor next to the tub the whole time.

3. Get ready for date night with Greg....
IMG_3403 B

4. Drop Belle off at her friends house and head out on our date. I tried to get some pics of Greg and I but, he does not like to cooperate.

Blogger 4

We had a really nice time hanging out together on our date and enjoying each others company. We were actually able to sit and talk at our favorite Sushi restaurant instead of making sure that Anabelle is not bothering all the people in the restaurant.

IMG_3377 B

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Jaclynn_kyuss said...

Found you on baby center. Love your blog. Great photos.

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