Sunday, July 3, 2011

Too much

This weekend has been a little too over stimulating for me so far. I will start with Friday. I decided that I would be brave and take Anabelle and the dogs for a walk to the park and it started off really great!

IMG_9581 B

We all walked nicely, Anabelle sat in the stroller and the weather was really nice.

IMG_9580 B

Anabelle played all over the jungle gym while the dogs stayed tied up at on side of the playground.

IMG_9592 B

IMG_9593 B

She went down a big slide and gave me some trash that she found (her new favorite past time) Gross!

Blogger 1

She walked in circles on the jungle gym before she pointed to the swings. We went over and there was much more fun to be had. All this time the dogs were just waiting patiently.

Blogger 2

We packed up our stuff and started the walk home. We saw some wild parrots in the trees.

IMG_9616 B

IMG_9612 B

After we saw the birds, it went downhill. The dogs decided they didn't want to walk nicely with us anymore, Anabelle decided that she did not want to sit in her stroller and almost fell out. I let her get out and she didn't want to be held, she wanted to push the stroller. So I was pushing the stroller, holding the leashes for both of the wild dogs and making sure that Anabelle was safe. Then, she decided not to push the stroller and just wanted to pick up trash and give it to me. I finally called Greg to meet us because I just could not take it anymore. Unfortunately, he was not dressed and we made it home by the time that he was leaving to meet us. We were all fine and made it home safely but I had way too much.

Earlier in the day, we had dropped of Anabelle at her first day at school and she did fine but, it really upset me. I honestly hate paying someone else to take care of my baby when I would so much rather be doing it. Because of that, my morning was rough but, I got over it after a few phone calls to the preschool. I don't know if it is related because I was upset but, my stomach was also bothering me all day. So, when it came time for dinner, I was not so hungry and Greg ate an early dinner. I decided to go to the store, it was a bad idea. I got the most random assortment of foods that included, a whole chicken, crackers, brie, marinated mozzarella, Frozen garlic bread, peas and ice cream sandwiches. I ended up eating the bread and ice cream sandwich.... So weird.

IMG_9618 B

The sandwiches were an upside to my night. The box says that they are from San Francisco and they reminded me of my family up there Miss you guys!

I will update about our crazy 1 day trip to Vegas later, when I recover from a 3 hour night sleep!

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Heather said...

Those ice cream sandwiches ARE from SF! I actually had one yesterday. So yummy!

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