Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Tuesday Assortment

I have been neglecting my blog this past week because we have been so busy. This is going to just be a random assortment of what we have been doing the past week.. :)

Daddy was out of town, our kitchen was remodeled, I was busy with wedding prep, hanging out with friends, lots of swimming and playing in the water, prep for Belle to go to school and just daily life.

I really think that Belle is enjoying her time at school and she seems to be getting into the routine. She knows that when she has her lunch box she needs to get her blanket and go to school. At the beginning of the week we have to bring her stuff in a reusable bag and leave it at school so they can send her dirty stuff home at the end of the week. I used that bag this weekend without thinking and Belle went to the cabinet to get her lunchbox because she corresponded the bag with going to school. It was really cute to see her understanding.

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Getting her lunch ready for school is a little challenging for me and is time consuming. I am guessing that it will be easier once I get the flow of things but, I am still trying to remember all the rules and stuff that I need to pack. I got in trouble last week for sending her to school with peanut butter in her oatmeal.... Oops!

I try to stay creative with the things that I make her because I dont want her to get bored with the same old stuff. I had some celery that I needed to use before it went bad so, I was going to make her peanut butter and celery sticks.... then I remembered that I could not use peanut butter. I went digging in the fridge for something with the same consistency and I found the cream cheese. Belle will eat cream cheese on a spoon so she must eat it off of the celery. I added some dried berries to top it off. I dont know if she ate it but I was proud of my creative snack!


While our kitchen was being completed, Belle kept trying to find her way into the kitchen regardless of how many obstacles we set up to keep her out. After her nap, we ate some lunch and then went to Kidspace to get out of the house. I officially have a water baby. She LOVES the water and gets very upset when we take her away from it. At Kidspace, anything that had water involved was where she was hanging out.

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We got home and still had some time before the kitchen was completed but, we managed to keep her out and the cabinets were finished that day.... they look great!


Greg is in to video games and Belle enjoys watching him...

She is in awe of him!

I told you this was going to be random... my newest obsession is bagels with cream cheese, onions, and cucumbers with salt and pepper.. it is seriously A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.


We had a mini photoshoot and when I use the remote for my camera, Belle thinks that it is very cool and she smiles and looks at the camera. Why can't she do that when I am behind the camera? It would make my life so much easier!

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I hope to get on my blogging game this week!


Tera said...

A. I love the celery idea, Im totally stealing it.

B. I have been eating everything bagel thins with cream cheese, avocado and LEMON PEPPER! Very random that we are sharing an obsession. :)

Mama~L said...

she smiles for the camera when your not behind it cause she loves taking pictures with her mommy!! I love the pictures, you two look great and amazingly blue eyes Annabelle has! Your bagel looks delicious I will have to try that one day

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