Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Stuff

Lately, I have been dreading going anywhere with Anabelle because she gets really grumpy. I often have to bribe her with food so that I can actually get done what I need to. Today we had to go to the hardware store and to the grocery store. At the hardware store she was good, she played in the cart but towards the end of the trip there, I knew she was going down hill. She got upset when I put our items on the counter to check out and quickly recovered once they gave her the items back.

We got in the car and I could tell that she was hungry. I tried giving her the leftover lunch from school but she literally turned her nose up to me and shook her head that she was NOT interested. We drove off and she was fading and fast. I quickly realized that I needed to get her some food quickly so, I did it..... for the first time. We went through the drive through at Burger King. Don't judge me! I didn't want to stop the car, get out the screaming toddler and go into anywhere. So I got her the apple fries, if you dont know, they are not actually fried, they are just apples cut in the shape of fries. She loved them and very quickly changed her attitude.

When we got to the store, I did not want to be "that mom" that gives her toddler fast food so, I took all evidence of Burger king, put it in the trash, and put her apple "fries" in a cup. She was happy the entire time at the grocery store. While at the store, I stocked up on some crackers that I can keep in my car to avoid situation like this from ever happening again.

Today was her third day at school and the first time that she got hurt. When we went to get her she was cuddling with one of the teachers and had an icepack on her head. She was fine and just had a little red bump but, a little red bump will not keep her down. :) Today was also the first day that her artwork was sent home with us. It was very cute and I can not wait to put it on our fridge.

Anabelle is also become so much more of a Daddy's Girl and it melts my heart. They are so sweet together and it is so fun and amazing to watch their relationship grow and change.

IMG_9629 B

I want to go spend some time with Greg so, I am going to speed this up. Thursday Belle jumped in the pool with her clothes on, Daddy got upset that I let her do it but, you are only a kid once, I will let her embrace it!!

IMG_9690 B

IMG_9702 B

IMG_9688 B


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