Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Free day

Yesterday I had to stay home with Belle because she had a little bug she probably picked up from school. They would not let her go in so, I tried to just stay at home with her, but she was so grumpy and Greg was trying to work so we went and ran some errands. We went to the store, got the car washed, got some new fishes for Anabelle's fish tank, went on a mini hike, and saw Alexis and the girls for a minute. I only got pictures of the hike but we had fun at all of the places that we went.

At the fish store, there were some koi that were in troughs, when we walked by them they stuck their heads out of the water and made some cute fishy faces at us. Belle was smitten. She wanted to touch them, but I assured her that it might not end well. The rest of the day, I asked her what the fishes did and she made a cute fish face. I am in love!

At the car wash, we watched the car the whole time while she was pointing and saying "car".

Alexis and the girls were shooting a movie in Altadena and while we were out and about she called and so we said hello to her for a minute. Belle thought our conversations were very funny because she was ultra silly and cracking up at good points in the conversation. She also loved hanging with the babies, she would not stop waving at them. I think that she was waiting for some kind of response from them that she never got.

She also had fun on the hike, she wanted to climb in the dry itchy grass.

IMG_9961 B

IMG_9965 B

I tried to get her to actually hike but she just wanted to explore the stuff around her, including dirt and rocks. She was filthy by the time that we left.

IMG_9970 B

We found some beautiful wild flowers growing along the trail.

IMG_9977 B

Blogger 1

I realize that I should not make a habit of going out and playing while she is sick, because I know that soon she will realize that she can fake it. But, for now we had fun and she slept well last night! :)

IMG_9974 B

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