Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Fun!

Yesterday we had a few friends over for a bbq and we had such a great time. The company was fun, the food was good and the babies were cute.

After we all ate Anabelle and Adrienne went in the kiddie pool. By 6pm the water was so warm that it was kinda like taking a bath.

IMG_9637 B

They started off just wading in the water with a little splashing and playing with bath toys.

Blogger 1

Anabelle soon realized that it was way more fun to fall in the pool on her butt, lay on her back, roll over to her tummy, belly flop and kick her legs.

IMG_9655 B

IMG_9654 B

IMG_9651 B

She even dunked her head under the water quite a few times, most times she choked on water a little but only once was it bad enough that she needed some comforting.

IMG_9649 B

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There was a giant airplane that we are guessing was flying over the Rose Bowl that went right over the house. The girls were pointing and checking it out.

IMG_9666 B

Our friends Mike and Andrea were also there with their baby Sarah. She was a little too young to join in the pool fun but she was able to dip her feet a little and play with her mommy and daddy.

IMG_9668 B

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We finally all got out of the pool. Belle was shaking she was so cold, it gave me fond memories of swimming till my body was frozen to the core. She got out of the pool and just stood there shaking till we wrapped her up all nice and warm.

IMG_9679 B

Adrienne also got dried off and played with bubbles.


We had a great day and Greg and I just hung out at home after everyone left and made sure the dogs didn't have heart attacks because of all the fireworks.

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July.

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