Friday, July 29, 2011


We have had so much going on the past month that it has been harder for me to take pics of Belle. I got a few yesterday when she was "sorting" her laundry. She has also been pretty clingy so, if I sit on the floor, she runs over to sit/lay in my lap.

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She is also talking so much these days. We were trying to distract her yesterday while I had stuff cooking in the oven and so I would ask her to bring things to Greg and when she would get there, he would ask her to bring things to me. She is our butler.. :) When she would come to me she usually had something really random like the plastic off of a new video game. I would ask her if it was trash and she would repeat "trash" then I would tell her to put it in the trash can. She would repeat " trash can" and walk over to put the trash in the trash can. She is so adorable and I can not believe how much she understands and how much she is vocalizing what she knows.

Packing lunch for school has become a big part of my night 3 nights a week. Lucky for me our remodeled kitchen is making me want to be in there a little more and get much more creative.

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These little guys made their way into Belle's Lunch today. I used to have these as a kid during holidays with my grandparents and they were sooo delicious.

So, I made dinner, made lunch for Belle and even made time to make fresh salsa with ingredients from our garden. The only thing that was not from our garden was cilantro and onions. Our cilantro is not doing well this season and we did not plant any onions this year.

IMG_2846 B

IMG_2847 B

I grilled 4 jalapenos that were from our garden to add to the salsa and it was so spicy, my lips almost fell off. Greg thought I was just being a wimp but, it was spicy!

IMG_2849 B

Looking forward to the weekend. Belle has a slumber party tonight at our place and tomorrow Heidi and Grant are coming over!

Happy Friday!

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