Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yesterday, Belle and I went to the park. I swear that I actually play with her and not just take pictures.

Last post, I forgot to mention that she is a messy haired monster because her hair is getting longer and she refuses to let me pull it back or put anything in it. The second a clip goes in, she rips it out.

IMG_9349 B

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We were going to play around the Rose Bowl and then got to KidSpace so she could play in the fountains. I didn't take her there right away because I didn't want her to get wet right away. SO when we were ready to go to the fountains, they had closed. Bummers

IMG_9369 B

There were a few little play grounds around KidSpace and there were squirrel dens all over the place. I have never seen so many. It looked like little meercats and I love those. :) There was one family with a lot of babies and this little guy was brave. He was squeaking at me and everything.

IMG_9379 B

It is hard to get Belle to smile for the camera these days but, the swings always work!

We went to get dinner and placed our order and went outside to wait.

IMG_9411 B

IMG_9412 B

She found some flowers to smell.

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Some pretty fountains to look at.

IMG_9396 B

IMG_9384 B
(Canon baby!!)

IMG_9401 B

Right before we went back to get our food, she thought that it was funny to go "night, night" on the stairs. It is apparently very funny to go to sleep on stairs.

IMG_9410 B

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