Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Projects

My life is filled with WAY too many projects. Don't get me wrong, I love projects and I feel so great when I complete them but they are all filling my mind with the anticipation of finishing.

I am getting Anabelle's room completed slowly. I hung her letters and a piece of art that Aunt Staci gave to her. It is coming together nicely.

IMG_8645 B

Tonight I am going to hang some picture frames that I made for her and then her room will be complete till we remove the crib from her room.

Blogger 8

My second project this weekend was figuring out what I want the wedding flowers to look like. I went bright and early to the flower market in downtown LA and picked out the flowers for the bouquets and centerpieces. I am in love with them and getting so excited for our big day!

Blogger 7

I was trying to get a cute pic of Belle with her flowers but she was not having it. She was busy sweeping, that is one of her new "things". She would sweep and rakes all day long if we let her. She also has this new "game" of taking her flash cards out of their box and putting them back in one at a time. This sounds like a fun game except she gets very frustrated that sometimes they do not slide in the box easily and she yells and whines. That is the not so fun part of the game.

Project number three this weekend was redoing our patio in the back yard. We took out the cement tiles and put them back with spaces in between each one and planted grass in between. We are really excited for the grass to grow in because it will look so much nicer.

IMG_8643 B

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE iced tea? Well, I do and this is one of my favorite things to look through, everything looks good when I am seeing it through my iced tea cup! :)

IMG_8637 B

Even this girl.... jk she is cute!


Mama~L said...

I love it!! All the pictures, all the projects!

Tera said...

Those flowers look great!! Just a glimpse of how lovely they will look on your tables. Love it!

heidirose said...

Ugh HALLS!! I need to see Belleeeee! And you.... and I want to come over! I want to do a photoshoot and hang :)

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