Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Remember yesterday how I was worried that my baby was not going to want me anymore. Well I got home and my messy haired monster was all about being with her mama.

IMG_9267 B

I sat on the floor and she scooted her way into my lap and slid down till she was laying on me. This is a rare occurrence with my little girl, she is always on the go.

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We laid down with each other for a little while and then went outside.

IMG_9285 B

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Anabelle adores her new bubble lawn mower, she pushes it for a few minutes and then stops to inspect where the bubbles are coming from. She is very inquisitive and you can see the motors turning in her head.

When Greg was done with work, he joined us outside to finish installing our new fountain. We are really making our patio in the backyard so much nicer and we love it so far! It feels great that we are creating a place where we can escape from the messy house, the stressful work day, the paperwork piled up on our kitchen table, and the sleeping baby to just relax.

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We ended the night with some mac and cheese that was a little hot, Belle used her new skill of blowing to cool it off. She can only blow air out of her mouth when her tongue is curled, it is the silliest thing.

IMG_9309 B

Happy Tuesday!

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Greg said...

I love this post. I'm glad to see you are able to write so much lately. I enjoy reading these.

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