Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Flower Girl is growing up!

This week Belle has been a little grumpy. She wants what she wants and you can not talk her out of it so, she has had a few timeouts. When we are outside, she loves to pick flowers and that is a big no no around our house.

IMG_8237 B

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She picked a few rose petals (that I allowed) and she was happy with the ones that she picked and continued to play with them. I think that she was practicing for her role of our flower girl at the wedding. ;)

IMG_8230 B

IMG_8232 B

Anabelle was in a time out for stomping on the plants in the front that Greg takes care of so nicely. So she was crying and clearly angry at me and we both hear someone yelling and stop to listen. We hear, "Anabelle, Anabelle, Anabelle come and play" She looked and me and ran to the back yard.

IMG_8247 B

The neighbor girls were calling for her to come and play. When did it happen that she has friends that ask her to come out and play? My baby is way too old!

IMG_8241 B

She was literally running to go see the girls!

IMG_8252 B
She is too old too!

Last night I also turned off my baby monitor and let her be a big girl. She was still asleep when I left this morning. They grow up way too fast.

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