Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just a Monday

When I got home last night Belle was asleep but, I swear when she hears my voice in the afternoon and she is napping she wakes up screaming right away. It makes me feel special knowing that she wants to be with me when I get home but she needs her sleep and I wish she would just sleep a little longer.

When she woke up she was a little grumpy so she had a snack and then we took off her diaper and put on some undies. When I am with her we work on potty training and she went 2 times with me last night! Then we went to clean her room and cover up the nail holes in the wall to hang her new letters for her name. I love the way that her new letters came out and she seemed to really enjoy them.

IMG_8500 B

We made a song out of singing her name and she was giggling and squealing all over the place. She also loved holding the "A".

IMG_8503 B

IMG_8510 B

IMG_8555 B

The whole time we were in her room, Xena just sat and watched her. Anabelle was standing on her toy-box when I took this picture. I don't know what Z was thinking about but, my guess is, "duh, duh, duh" :)

Belle is into the pointing stage. She literally points at everything! She points to her nose, eyes, ears, points to her brain inside her nose (or picks it) and then points inside her mouth (or eats boogers). She also loves to point at body parts on other people including the dogs...

IMG_8561 B

She is also a big kisser, she enjoys kissing dogs and other little kids. When we are at the park she follows other little kids to kiss them, I wonder if the other parents are creeped out. In a way, I don't care because she is such a sweetheart and I don't want to take that away from her!

IMG_8568 B

Notice Lily in the background of the pic. She loves Anabelle more and more everyday but, her interactions are short and sweet.

I really love our afternoon times.

Anabelle is starting at a preschool/daycare on July 1st, I am very excited for her because she is in the same class as her friend.

IMG_8536 B
I have not been getting cute feet pics lately but I got one last night. I think it is harder to get cute feet pic then cute face pics. :)

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