Saturday, June 25, 2011

I have been wanting to make a necklace for Belle for a while but, I needed to see how a necklace looks on her before I make her wedding necklace so I made her one. And she is actually wearing it. She doesn't even try to take it off.

IMG_9421 B

Today, I was cleaning the house and Anabelle was walking around with a bag of Trader Joes Peanut butter filled pretzels. It was very quiet and I this is what I found..

IMG_9437 B

I slid away so that she didn't know that I was still watching her and she literally went swimming in her mess.

IMG_9436 B
Who swims in food?

IMG_9439 B
This is right before the dogs came and snatched up the snacks!

I love my night time baths!

IMG_9446 B


Mama~L said...

you are lucky you get night time baths. lol, I wish I got them.. but when I do, I enjoy them to the fullest

Holly Hough said...

I wish it was a bath alone. It is always with Belle!

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