Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting Ahead

We had a busy weekend but, I am starting to feel like I am in a good groove right now. I made omelets both mornings this weekend, worked more on the redecoration of Belle's room, finished up some unfinished art projects, helped with the Garfield Heights Block Party and kept my house very clean.

We had a nice time at the block party and Belle met a few new friends. She was such a good girl, she even passed her nap time by 3 hours and she was such a trooper.

Blogger 6

There was a live band and Anabelle starting dancing and the rest of the day people were coming up to me telling me that she was a great dancer. :)

Blogger 5

Today we took Belle to a new park that our friends told us about. We lucked out because there was a dog show at he Rose Bowl and there were dogs walking around everywhere. Belle was making her silly dog park whenever she saw a dog walk by. When we got to the playground it was pirate themed with pirate ships, rocking boats, and cannons including piles of cannon balls. Belle was holding on to this pirate version of monkey bars and was literally holding on and when she would get to the other side she would drop and we would catch her. She really enjoyed herself.

IMG_8443 B

Greg was watching a game of tennis going on and I had to snap some pics. I swear these 2 are going to run away from my camera soon. I cant even get them to pay attention to me when I have it anymore. :)

IMG_8434 B

We finished the night with homemade burritos and a bath.

IMG_8483 B

Hope everyone had a great weekend and if you live in SoCal, enjoyed the random rain this evening.

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