Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Challenges of being a mother

The past few weeks have been challenging and I feel like I am being tested in all aspects of my life. I am having a hard time managing my time and being happy while doing it all. I find that I am away from home too long and when I come home there are a million things to do but not enough time to do them all and play with Anabelle. I also struggle with not teaching Anabelle who her Mommy is, I am gone all day so I fear that I will not be able to teach her the things that bring me happiness. When I get home, I try to do things that involve her and still allow me to check some stuff of my to do list.

Yesterday when I got home, we went outside and put an old painting that I did on a smaller frame. Anabelle helped with holding the tape measurer and the pencil. Today, we hung the painting and a mirror. I feel like I want to change her room as she gets older and grows, I think that her room needs to grow with her. So, we are redecorating. :)

I hung the mirror and painting and she was so excited that she could look at herself that she started dancing in front of it.

Blogger 1

Then she practiced her acting skills and was making all kinds of silly faces.

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I wish that I could stay home with my baby and teach her the world. I feel like I miss so much while I am gone and it kills me.

IMG_8219 B

I don't know why I took this picture but this little stuffed animal is so cute. Ron and Susan got it for Belle when they went to Australia.

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The rest of the night we played with toys, made dinner, took baths and then Belle went to bed. She is such an amazing little girl. I miss the time that I am away from her but, we really have a great time when we are together!

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