Friday, May 6, 2011

Yesterday I got home from work and I took Belle outside to play. She always gets very upset when the front door is opened and she is not allowed to go out and play. I mean tantrums.

IMG_7032 B
I think this is one of my new favorite pictures of her. I am pretty sure that she was eating a leaf and that is why she had such a silly face. i <3 it!

Blogger 1
How come she is growing up so fast? She is a real person, a little one but still. :)

IMG_7054 B

We are a barefoot family (the girls at least) and we were running around barefoot and I tried to get some pictures of Belle's feet but she was not cooperating . She was just running away then not too long after I took this picture, she realized that the ground was hot. She froze and did a little hot dance. It was so adorable that when I went to get her, I had to giggle a little. It made me happy that she is feeling life and the world. She is experiencing the things that I remember as a kid and it is amazing to watch her just experience the world and grow up.

IMG_7044 B
Burning Feet!

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