Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tonight Greg and I had to do our food tasting for the wedding and so I stopped by the house to pick him up and saw Belle for a minute. When I left she was really upset and starting crying. Well we got home about an hour later and Belle was sooo excited, to see her Daddy. She was reaching for him calling his name. I asked for a hug or a kiss and she would not give them to me, but she gladly gave them to Daddy. Not cool! I am beginning to think that she was upset because Daddy left, not me.

Blogger 1

Since I got home a little later, we had our family time later in the day. Greg did some gardening while Belle played with the dogs, danced and played with the neighbor girls through the fence.

IMG_7671 B
Such cute little girls!

Blogger 2
She has started hugging legs.

BLogger 3
She dropped her Mrs. Potato Head eyes in the watering can and was looking for them and she is waving at the neighbors.

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