Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sick and fun at the park

Since we have been back from San Francisco both Anabelle and I have gotten sick. She got it first and last night it found its way to me. That is one bad part about having kids, you get sick so much. She not only is sick but her first molar is breaking through her gums as we speak. Needless to say she is really clingy and not sleeping well. That is not so great when I am trying to fight this cold.

This morning we woke up and she saw Greg in the doorway of our bedroom. She started running to him to give him his good morning hug and Michelle didn't realize what she was doing and swooped her up to give her a hug. She was very upset and started crying. It was adorable! She is really voicing her opinion these days.

Last week we went and hung with our friends to play at the park.

IMG_7726 F
Although Anabelle and Desmond do not really play together, they do congregate in the same general area. They did get ahold of the diaper bag and ate ripped it apart like a pack of wolves.. Does that count as playing?

IMG_7733 F
The realized that it was really fun to play in this little seat.

Playing with sand and getting it in your hair is fun. :)

IMG_7731 F
Anabelle has this new obsession with airplanes and looks in the sky and points when one passes by. She is very observant.

I am finding it hard to come up with words to describe my emotions the past week or so. I hope to kick this cold soon!

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Tera said...

How lucky are we with our adorable children?

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