Thursday, May 5, 2011

Heathers 9 Months Maternity

I forgot that part of my San Francisco trip was taking pictures of Heather and some of Bobby too. There were way too many things going on this day between a grumpy toddler who laid down in a hole in the wall taqueria to go night-night , a sleepy infant in a sling, a preggo who only wanted a strawberry shake, a soon to be daddy who didn't want to have his picture taken and me.... :) We are a great little bunch and had a blast but it was hard to take pictures with it all going on.

IMG_6225 B
The sleepy guy himself.

IMG_6271 B
I don't know what Anabelle was doing, but she cracks me up.

Blogger 8

IMG_6216 B
While I was taking some 9 month maternity photos for Heather I saw this bee. There were actually so many beautiful, large, and fuzzy bees but I really liked him!

IMG_6210 B
I am very excited for this little baby to be born. They will be such great parents!

IMG_62081 B

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