Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dave & Kristine Wedding

I really, really need to get in the shower and get ready but the internet is sucking me in! Greg, our friend Mike, and I went to a wedding for our friends Dave and Kristine on Friday night. It was seriously a beautiful wedding and we left the baby at home so, we had a fun adult night. There were such cute little kids at the wedding, I wished that I had brought her so that she could play and dance with all the other kids.

IMG_7954 B

The flower girls were outside playing soccer with some other little boys and I could not help but take a picture of them. I have to admit, I felt a little creepy but the adorable picture it totally worth it!

IMG_8000 B

After the ceremony, we went to our table and saw this....
IMG_7968 B

As if I didn't already feel bad enough for not bringing Anabelle, I had to remember her absence through out the whole reception. We also were sat at the same table with 2 other couples that had toddlers....But we had a nice night and tried to enjoy ourselves.

IMG_7976 B

Blogger 1
Note the vodka cranberry to keep me peppy. :)

The wedding was at a beautiful little lake in the hills above Malibu and the scenery was just gorgeous.

IMG_7941 B

Overall we had a nice night and I have never been so happy for Anabelle to wake up and cuddle in the middle of the night. I missed her so much!

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Tera said...

Holly!!! You are suck a knockout!!! Love the pictures. Anabelle's name tag is pretty much the cutest thing...

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