Thursday, April 28, 2011

San Francisco Part 4

Baby Shower time... It was a great baby shower with equally great women. My brain is tired and I dont have anything clever to say today so here are the pics.

IMG_6296 B

IMG_6299 B
These cupcakes look so good, I had the chocolate cupcakes. The cake part was good but there was huge chucks of sea salt sprinkled on the top of the cupcakes. It was soooooo gross and ruined my cupcake experience.

IMG_6298 B

Blogger 1
Heather is such an amazing mom-to-be, beautiful, smart, caring and so many more qualities that there are too many to list.

Blogger 2
We had some great food....

IMG_6305 B
Popping the Champagne...

IMG_6313 B

IMG_6310 B
I have the most beautiful sisters in the world!

IMG_6308 B
Notice Anabelle running for the stairs. :)

IMG_6306 B

IMG_6318 B
Heather has great friends that gave her great gifts for the arrival of Ms. Peanut.

IMG_6321 B
Reading some of the books that Peanut will be reading!

IMG_6322 B
There was a guest appearance at the end of the shower. Diva, such a sweet little kitty. Anabelle saw her in the beginning of the shower and was obsessed with her. That is why she didnt come out till the end of the shower when Belle was asleep. ;)

1 comment:

Heather said...

I DO have great friends, and great sisters! What a fantastic evening! (And thank you to the photographer!)

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