Wednesday, April 27, 2011

San Francisco Part 3

Today has been such a long day. I have been going non-stop all day and have not had enough to eat. One of my best friends had her twins early this morning so, I drove to Santa Monica for a long lunch break to visit them. The babies are so sweet and I cant wait to watch them grow up.

I am determined to get all the photos up from my San Francisco trip, so I will post more about the babies later!

Friday night we warmed up some pizza and hung out at the house watching tv and playing with the babies. I had not seen Grant for a few weeks so, most of the pictures were of him and his constant surprised face. :)

IMG_6151 B

IMG_6128 B
Tummy time!

IMG_6136 B
He was looking at his Mommy when he was smiling, he loves her so much!

IMG_6135 B

IMG_6155 B
Heather (and Peanut), Heidi and Grant.

They are all so awesome and I miss them all and think about them all the time.

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