Tuesday, April 26, 2011

San Francisco Part 2

Heidi and Grant came to SF on Friday night so, Heather, Belle and I went to the city to have lunch with Bobby before they arrived. We went to an awful restaurant that sounded appealing to Heather because she really wanted a Shirley Temple. So, we sucked it up and ate there to fulfill her Shirley Temple craving. After that we went back to the apartment and hung for a while before Heather and Bobby went to pick up Heidi and Grant from the airport.

IMG_6067 B
Belle hanging with Uncle Bobby.

IMG_6057 B
Auntie Heather "watching" Belle play, can you tell that she was really tired?

IMG_6046 B
With a toddler and a preggo, there was a lot of time being spent on the sofa-bed.

IMG_6048 B
Working again. :)

While they were gone, I had a little time to play with Belle. We explored the garden, drank a delish hot chocolate that Bobby made me, read some books, and even saw a few kitties playing in the backyard area.

Blogger 4

Blogger 5
They have so many great plants on their patio it was a photographers playground.

Blogger 7

IMG_6115 B

IMG_6074 B
Getting stuff ready for my crispity, crunchity, peanut buttery niece. :)

My little baby consultant had a lot of fun in her cousins room. She ripped all the books off the shelf and even read a few.

Blogger 3

She was such a squirm worm while I was trying to get some feet. This is the best that I could get.

IMG_6079 B

The adventures with Grant and Heidi will come soon!

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