Monday, April 25, 2011

San Francisco Part 1

This will be one of many blog posts about our trip to San Francisco this past weekend. Anabelle and I flew up on Thursday to start the planning for Heathers baby shower. The flight up went to well, Anabelle made friends with the couple sitting behind us and was playing peek a boo the majority of the trip. When we were leaving the airplane, she was blowing kisses and waving at the people on the plane as if she were a princess. It was absolutely adorable.

IMG_6000 B

Once we got there, I hung with Heather so that Anabelle could nap. When Belle woke up we went to the park so that heather could work for about an hour. We had a nice time walking up and down the park. We walked so much that my legs were sore the next day.

IMG_6011 B

We met up with Heather for ice cream and then went back to the park to hang. Belle had so much fun giving blades of grass and little yellow flowers to her Auntie.

IMG_6029 B

Blogger 2

IMG_6030 B

There was a little working done by Heather, she is such a working mommy. She looks so damn adorable!

Blogger 1

More of our adventures to follow!

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